Easily add great looking, & professional player feedback effects to your project!






Simply define the GameObjects to apply the effects to, then enable the BMFX prefab at desired time to activate.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KEY FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Screen Splat / Damage -

Make any 2D texture splat on the screen then fade out again, for any duration, with any amount of delay.

Surface Splat / Stain -

Stain the walls, ground or any GameObject, with whatever sprite you like. Randomize the colour & size or pre-define it in the inspector. Will only be visible on selected surfaces.

Cam Switch / Kill Cam -

Switches to a designated camera when activated. Many customisable features like random activation, delay, return to original cam toggle & more. Use in conjunction with SlowMo to create SlowMo KillCam.

**NEW** Slow Motion -

As it's name suggest slow motion slows the speed of the game. Adjustable duration, delay, & speed. Convenient 'Sync with Cam Switch' bool to make creating fancy KillCams easier.

Object Emitter -

Spawn random objects, groups of objects or a single lonesome one. Litter the scene with body parts, confetti, or even balloons. Add explosive force, randomize their scale & more.

Object Shake -

Shake the camera or any GameObject. Adjust both the duration & the intensity of the shaking via the inspector.

**NEW** Haptic Feedback / Vibrations -

This NEW feature is paramount when it comes to user feedback. Make the users handheld devices shake & vibrate. Customisable duration, delay & more.

Audio System -

Often overlooked or left to the last minute, audio is one of the most powerful features you can add to a game. For this reason, all of the features/effects in BM2D have a dedicated audio tab filled with features of its own. Including but not limited to, random pan, random pitch, independent volume sliders, & more.

**NEW** Global Settings -

Another NEW addition to BM2D is the BM_Manager script. It handles global settings for all instances of the effects/functions. Which can be & is a very powerful tool.

**NEW** Object Pooling -

The NEW BM_Manager script also has multiple object pools which are great for optimization. All instances of BMFX prefabs (The prefab that controls the FX) can access these pool by simply checking a box.

& MORE -

These are just a few functions/effects, there are plenty of other great features included in this ever growing asset!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EXTRAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FREE 2D Raycast Controller -

A simple but feature packed controller that can walk, run, jump, crouch, crouch walk, wall slide, wall jump, & will trigger animations for attack, defend, & talk

- Includes FREE Sound Effects,

Textures, Sprites, Materials and More!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FUTURE UPDATES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here are a few features intended for upcoming updates.

Slice & Explode:

I actually managed to get this one working just before the last update (v1.2) but in it's current state I don't feel it's ready to release. I'm hoping to include it with the v1.4 update.

The basic premise is as follows:

Slice a selected sprite in real time & use the resulting pieces in conjunction with the 'Object Emitter' effect to litter the scene with a majestic explosion of parts.

Full 3D Support:

Although many of the current features already work with 3D, it is not currently supported in this version.

More Demos / Tutorials / Documentation:

This asset is intended to be as user friendly as possible & a little extra documentation will go a long way to making that a reality.


Suggestions for new content are welcomed & will be added to backlog.